Graduate Programmes

We work closely with top universities sourcing graduate talent to nurture and develop into music industry professionals.

Warner is an exciting major label that is home to extraordinary music, digital innovation and exceptional industry talent.
The music business evolves at a fast pace and to remain industry leaders we need a variety of highly skilled people throughout the company – from creatively driven to detail orientated. 

If you think you have what it takes to adapt and thrive in an exciting industry and have a minimum of a 2:1 university qualification, we want to hear from you. Our graduate scheme kick starts with a year of intensive learning about the business and industry. After this broad foundation year candidates are progressed into a junior management position and their key responsibilities are increased. Ultimately our goal is to develop, nurture and retain the brightest graduate talent.

We have a number of initiatives to help talented people progress at different stages of their careers, reflecting our diverse multi-faceted industry.

What we're looking for...
We ask that you come armed with an entrepreneurial spark, creative mind and doggedly determined work ethic!

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Featured Graduate

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Name: Annie Lydford
Department: Marketing
Role: Graduate Assistant
Star sign: Taurus

1. What does a typical day involve?
What’s great is that, so far, no two days have really been the same. There are obviously some basic things that I do every day, but these are mixed in with a massive variety of different meetings, projects and tasks that keep things interesting.

2. What do you enjoy most about your role?
It’s a really good chance to shadow and learn from people who have had years of experience in the industry. I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect when I first started, but everyone is so helpful, and you’re so involved in the various projects, that you quickly become much more familiar with the ways in which everything works.

3. What’s the best thing about working for Warner Music?
It’s great to be working on music and artists that my friends outside of work, and even my family, are aware of and passionate about. Everyone has an opinion and it’s pretty exciting to feel like you’re some way involved in the process of shaping that public awareness.

4. What has been your best moment since working here?
I don’t think anything that’s happened so far will be able to compare to Muse at the iTunes festival at the end of September..!

5. What advice can you give to potential interns / graduates looking to further their experience at Warner Music?
Try to be proactive: almost everyone I’ve met so far at Warner has a pretty entrepreneurial past, and it’s something that I think is highly valued in the recruitment process, and that can set you up with really useful skills once you start. Other than that, make sure to have a good listen to some of the Warner artists – it’s so much more rewarding to work on a project when you actually love the music that you’re trying to promote!