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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy describes how cookies and similar technologies are used on certain of our owned or controlled websites and web properties (e.g., widgets and applications) that contain or link to this Cookies Policy (such websites and web properties are referred to herein collectively and individually as the “Site”).

By using the Site, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Cookies Policy. Please refrain from visiting the Site or alternatively, please disable cookies and similar technologies (as explained below) if you do not wish cookies to be stored or accessed on your computer or mobile device.

We may change this Cookies Policy at any time. Please take a look at the “LAST REVISED” legend at the top of this page to see when this Cookies Policy was last revised. Any changes in this Cookies Policy will become effective when we make the revised Cookies Policy available on or through the Site.

1. What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a text-only string of information that the Site’s server transfers to the cookie file of the browser on your computer or mobile device so that the Site’s server can read and retrieve the contents of that cookie. Cookies do not usually record your name or any information identifying individual users.

2. How we use Cookies

We currently use both session and persistent cookies on our sites.
Below are the major cookies used, where the relevant features are enabled on a particular site.

Name of Cookie Description of Cookie/Purpose Expiration of Cookie
Currency A cookie that denotes a selected currency by the user ISO3 currency code. (e.g., USD, GPB, or EUR) 1 hour
Cart Stores a unique identifier for the Cart that is used to ensure that full page caching can load the cart contents without having to load the full magen to stack (32 bit alphanumeric identifier for cart). 1 hour
Store Stores the magento specific store identifier for the current store being browsed (alphanumeric identifier for the store, e.g., stereoboutiqueeurostoreen). 1 year
Frontend Stores the user session ID (alphanumeric identifier for session data) to identify a user’s visit to the site over several page visits. This is used to maintain preferences and functions across the usage session such as a shopping basket in the store. 1 hour
Splash SplashPage [various other names] Stores the number of times a user has seen a splash page, or if the user has chosen to no longer see the message to avoid showing the user the message more than the designated number of times. 24 month
Geo Location Stores the ISO country code of the user by geo-detection. 1month
ii_Globalisation Stores notification information relating to user selected country profile on site, and the specific county selection 12 month
styleType - background switcher switchstyle Saves the background the user has chosen to view. Persistent
sifrFetch Loads a custom font for the site. Session
Login_Email Stores a user’s email address. 12 months
Login_Remember Activates the Remember Me function to automatically display a user’s email address at the site login (if the user has selected the Remember Me function) 6 months
IASP_IsActive Determines if the user is active on the forum. 20 minutes
IF_LastVisit Stores a date of a user’s last visit to determine the appropriate content to display. 1 year
InstantASP A cookie to enable the basic forum session functions for a user. Session
IF_ForumsRead4 Stores which forum topics have been read for display purposes. 10 days

3rd Party Cookies We use a range of 3rd party content and tools on our sites. As a result, when you visit a page with content embedded from, for example, Facebook or Youtube, cookies may be placed by these websites. Warner Music does not control the dissemination, content or specific use of these cookies. You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these. Below are some of the main 3rd party services we use:

Ø Facebook – to help users register with our services via their Facebook account, Like or Share website content to the Facebook platform, and display content from Facebook

Ø Twitter – to display content from Twitter and allow users to connect with the artist’s Twitter accounts
Ø Youtube – to display video content in embedded players from Youtube
Ø Brightcove – to display video content in embedded players
Ø Soundcloud – to display audio content in embedded players from Soundcloud
Ø Akamai – to display audio and video content in embedded players
Ø Add This – to enable users to share website content on a variety of social and content networks
Ø Google – to enable users to be shown search or youtube advertising relevant to the artist site they have visited and web analytics
Ø Omniture – cookies are used to carry out statistical analysis of page use, interactions and use paths. We use this to understand how the site is being used and improve the user experience.
Ø Tumblr – to display content from Tumblr

3. Refusing Cookies on the Site

If you do not want your personal information collected through the use of cookies, there is a simple procedure in most browsers that allows you to automatically decline cookies, or gives you the choice of declining or accepting the transfer to your computer of a particular cookie (or cookies) from a particular website. Information about the procedure you are required to follow in order to disable cookies can be found on your Internet
browser provider’s website via your help screen. You may wish to refer to for information on commonly used browsers. Please be aware that if cookies are disabled, not all features of the Site may operate as intended.
We want you to know how to get rid of these tracking cookies if you like. This is why we provide User Choice and list links to pages where you can manage the cookies:
If you want to clean out all tracking cookies from all your websites, here are links where you can download three programs that can clean out tracking cookies: