Digital is an essential function of our business and therefore integrated into all departments. The team operate across all areas of marketing online and mobile, providing a range of websites, apps, widgets and social technology as well as services such as analysis, content creation, social media management, fanbase marketing and online PR to help fans engage with our artists. Depending on artist needs their daily tasks can vary wildly in scope, but their goal is always to create the best online experience possible for fans.

The digital teams work closely with A&R, radio, press, TV and marketing, consumer and online sales; it is important to us that there is a digital presence not just within the digital team but throughout the company.

We’re super-connected and very committed to measurable success.

What we're looking for...
We recruit a wide variety of roles from web programmers and designers, to social media managers, online marketing managers and online PR execs.
Ideal candidates should be passionate about online culture, technology, social media and the blog world. We like all-rounders, multi-taskers and self-starters who are capable of working in all aspects of online marketing - from programming to tastemaker blog plugging.

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